Will Logg
for Dallas City Council
District 9

"No More Okey Doke!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you feel you are more qualified than your competition?

Unlike any of my opponents, I have served in the Armed Forces with NATO. I was drafted at age 19 three months before end of the Vietnam Conflict and served as SP4 in COL Hanson’s Admin Dept with the Engineer Division at NATO war headquarters in Seckenheim, Germany. The Engineer Division provided all logistics for the deployment of nuclear weapons throughout Germany.

Unlike any of my opponents, I am already personally involved with the fight for transparency within City government; the FBI’s White Collar Crimes Unit is investigating the City of Dallas/Real Estate Division and an NGO eschewing the democratic process that would have cost the taxpayers nothing, then turning around and granting a contract potentially costing the taxpayers in excess of $250K. The routine nonchalance with which the City of Dallas/Real Estate Division demonstrated how they waste taxpayer’s money, in a room full of witnesses, only demonstrates the urgent need for transparency throughout City Government to curtail parasitic NGOs.

Unlike my opponents, I am a neighborhood organizer and have helped my neighbors fight off building incursion.

My wife and I are long term residents and have lived in Little Forest Hills for thirty one years. This neighborhood, out of all the rest of District 9 {Lakewood, Forest Hills, Casa Linda, Lake Highlands etc} is the one primarily earmarked for rampant real estate incursion due to proximity of White Rock Lake, Garland Corridor, and affordable house lots.

Unlike my opponents, my present job as product distribution managers has no business ties to real estate special interest groups. Unlike my opponents, my campaign is not endorsed by multiple real estate special interest groups. Unlike my opponents, I have not been an aide to the mayor, nor interned with the past councilman for the past ten months, nor endorsed by present sitting councilmen hoping to ensure a fluid transition of the status quo.

What is your stance on the Trinity Toll Road?

It is a waste of taxpayer's money for real estate speculation. The real estate special interests, which are lobbying for this, have endorsed the mayor and city council, whose voice is evident above District 9 voter’s voice. I have worked within the Design District for eleven years and I can attest that real estate along Riverside Drive is already increasing without the culmination of needless eye-candy paid for by non-invested taxpayers. The levy was built by the founding fore-fathers of Dallas for a reason; it floods right up to the top of the levy. Too much of taxpayer's money has been spent on feasibility studies attempting to skew positive traction for this boondoggle. River side Drive is already being streamlined as an alternate highway running parallel to I35. All that needs done is to tie Riverside Drive north of Regal Road with 183.

42.9% of the people that work in downtown Dallas live in South Dallas. If I45 were to be refurbished with multiple on/off access roads tying into quality roads into South Dallas, it would draw one half to two thirds of the 4:30 to 7:00 rush hour traffic off of I35 thereby allowing flow instead of a loggerhead at I35 and 30 backing traffic all the way back to I83 and 114.

Would you like to see development on White Rock Lake?

No. I am for preservation of White Rock Lake and the park surrounding it. The complete Preservation of White Rock Lake Park not unlike Golden Gate Park in San Francisco or Central Park in NY is important to the health of Dallas. It is the sapphire gem of solace in the midst of a frenetic rat race. I would ensure that Indigenous and migratory bird’s well- being would take precedence over further building. Incursion on the White Rock Lake Park should not be allowed until the natural habitats are assessed by wildlife experts. I would realize a White Rock Lake Bird Sanctuary that; coupled with Dallas Zoo ornithology vets, Audubon Society, and Rodgers Wildlife to provide emergency care, recouping facilities, ultimate refuge for our lake birds. I would only realize this endeavor AFTER the Cultural Bath House and other present structures on the Lake are completely refurbished. But, before there is any movement forward, we need transparency to see exactly what provisions have been made between the former council and the NGO that owns the Arboretum regarding how large a foot print on the lake they have been granted.

What are your concerns about the greater Dallas area?

1. Infrastructure sustainability.

2. Potholes across all of Dallas streets need to be addressed with new CEMENT streets. No asphalt.

3. The District 9 council seat has oversight over the Water Reservoir of Lake Ray Hubbard. Lake level is up to 80% water level with recent rainfall. However, looking at past percentages, this is an anomaly and we need to direct Dallas Water Utilities with a plan to bring the level back to 100%. Out of all Dallas area infrastructure sustainability projects, with an annual influx of 2.1% population growth, this one needs to take precedence. Reference: Wichita Falls drinking toilet water.

4. Everyone with a job and a $12.00 per hour minimum wage for all workers in Dallas.

How do you stand on the Ferguson Road Initiative?

I did not sign this contract at the FRI forum as some of my opponents have specifically to pander for votes, as it is a speculative real estate venture relying on City taxpayer’s funding which will needlessly eminent domain high-density dwellers out of their homes and community.

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